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Mr. Tibbs' English Class

Spread English the Brooklyn way!

Learn casual conversation from a native New Yorker.

Monthly Book Club reading/discussion.

A safe environment without fear of embarrassment.

A fun way to learn English with a cool vibe, a cool teacher and new friends.

One on one direct learning with Mr. Tibbs! (private tutoring rates are different)

So, now is YOUR chance to learn English the way YOU always wanted, no boredom, no stuffy, uptight teacher and lots of FUN!

Menschen, die gemeinsam lernen
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Quick Overview

Evaluation:  English knowledge level
Parts of speech
Situational usage

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Mr. Tibbs' Classes

Fast. Fun, interactive and informative learning!

A Young Man with a Notebook

In person private lessons

Pick your chosen location and in our one on one English session we will work on your personal goals. 

Price: CHF 45 

Duration: 45 min. 

Travel not included

*Covid restrictions

Contact me now
A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri

Group Lessons

If you have a group of friends, family, business associates or other groups of interest in learning English together, contact me for offers with details.
*Group rates apply.

A Young Woman Writing

Online Learning

The perfect way to practice speaking English in a relaxed home or wherever you are! We can discuss a wide range of topics or we can use this time to work on any specific English language questions you may have. This is a great feature, with comfort in mind. So just relax, let's have a coffee and we'll talk.

CHF 1 per minute via Zoom.

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email in English only (your first test)

Danke für's Absenden!

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